Mirror of the taisei-project git repo. A free and open-source Touhou Project fangame
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1. Introduction

Taisei is an open clone of the Touhou series. Touhou is a one-man project of
shoot-em-up games set in an isolated world full of Japanese folklore.

2. Installation

- SDL, SDL_ttf
- libpng
- OpenGL
- OpenAL, ALUT
- CMake (build system)

To build and install Taisei just follow these steps.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$yourprefix ..
make install

This will install game data to $prefix/share/taisei/ and build this path
_statically_ into the executable. This might be a package maintainer's choice.
Alternatively you may want to add -DRELATIVE=TRUE to get a relative structure


RELATIVE is always set when building for Windows.


As of version 1.0 replays are not guaranteed to work between different
operating systems or architectures (or compiler versions). Screen capture
your replays if you really want to publish them.

4. Contact


#taisei-project on Freenode