Mirror of the taisei-project git repo. A free and open-source Touhou Project fangame
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[submodule "gamecontrollerdb"]
path = external/gamecontrollerdb
url = https://github.com/taisei-project/SDL_GameControllerDB.git
branch = master
[submodule "external/koishi"]
path = external/koishi
url = https://github.com/taisei-project/koishi.git
[submodule "external/basis_universal"]
path = external/basis_universal
url = https://github.com/taisei-project/basis_universal.git
branch = taisei
[submodule "external/python-zipfile-zstd"]
path = external/python-zipfile-zstd
url = https://github.com/taisei-project/python-zipfile-zstd