50 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dale 6f907ad94a
feat: /web/getting-started => /web 3 months ago
  Dale 52648a1592
feat: /web/timelines => /web/getting-started 3 months ago
  Dale 90fc59f9e6
misc: /web/timelines/home => /web/timelines 3 months ago
  Dale e03dc375cb
feat: export router 3 months ago
  Dale 395f933a06
feat: Create a separate /about page that doesn't redirect 3 months ago
  Dale 54e737a21c
feat: add cookie parser 3 months ago
  Dale fe0442cda0
misc: Use different redirect; 3 months ago
  Dale 54b08c3752
feat: Redirect to timelines if logged in 3 months ago
  Dale a25978473b
feat: Further Lighthouse compliance 3 months ago
  Dale 0ad1c133b1
misc: Lighthouse fixes 3 months ago
  Dale e8547fcd65
misc: Remove about page link 3 months ago
  Dale 9e8387a0e5
Misc: Fix landing page and non-smart linters 3 months ago
  Dale e0e65eb12c
feat: Use Darkly theme for bootstrap 3 months ago
  Dale 5b794823a5
feat: Use correct STATIC_HOST on status page 3 months ago
  Dale 4b27a45938
feat: Use Prosody's mod_server_status to get xmpp status 3 months ago
  Dale 39e2476009
misc: Remove the block about sign-up approval 3 months ago
  Dale 9b8a020efe fix: Json loading + incorrect urls in sign in\ sign up 3 months ago
  Dale 7121896047
feat: Module 4 months ago
  Dale 9ff093415e
feat: Relative import 4 months ago
  Dale 04fcb5d0fb
feat: copy config 4 months ago
  Dale 0e12091128
feat: Nix build 4 months ago
  Dale bbbebd39a2
feat: Unstable 4 months ago
  Dale f21da38629
fix: Perms? 4 months ago
  Dale 07590c0f32 misc: Appropriate link class 1 year ago
  Dale 5d7cb5c7a7 feat: New tos and rules links in status 1 year ago
  Dale c126df627b feat: Show version on status page 1 year ago
  Dale 2e8c1f30fe feat: _blanks 1 year ago
  Dale 9f436d612c feat: MOAR LINKS!!!! fancy links, jortage link, cleanup 1 year ago
  Dale b1892e4c99 feat: Added jortagle url 1 year ago
  Dale f6c4555f15 feat: Display dynamic version 1 year ago
  Dale 5b6ecb50cf feat: More links, better placements. 1 year ago
  Dale 200d0f9868 feat: more links 1 year ago
  Dale 658755a152 feat: Removed empty links from statuses, replaced link symbol with bullet 1 year ago
  Dale 6b460d6077 feat: Design fixes, more links to status page 1 year ago
  Dale 332e3d2049 misc: Useful links 1 year ago
  Dale 76a423445b feat: Css fixes 1 year ago
  Dale 0b2b4941a0 fix: Require cors 1 year ago
  Dale d3208b17fa fix: cors should be called 1 year ago
  Dale 9b7117236d feat: Add cors to static 1 year ago
  Dale 6ab58b17e5 fix: Use gensokyo.network as source for static files 1 year ago
  Dale 4beab5df15 fix: Revert status to correct boolean 1 year ago
  Dale f9b1172bad feat: Routings for production 1 year ago
  Dale 0eed579e0a feat: Fuse landing and status into one server 1 year ago
  Dale 99c96316a8 feat: Task manager link 1 year ago
  Dale ecc3bad81d feat: Allow usage of key to fetch mastodon data 1 year ago
  Dale 6a00d3573f feat: Responsive tag, replace fedilab with tusky 1 year ago
  Dale ba0f26d56c feat: Link to source code 1 year ago
  Dale fa7d6810fc feat: Change Fedilab to Tusky 1 year ago
  Dale dcfb72cdcc feat: Cleanup gitignore, better build, got rid of gamedig 1 year ago
  Dale 0db4ba147e initial commit 1 year ago