Free and Open-source video streaming suite.
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with import <nixpkgs> {};
version = "0.1.6";
src = ./.;
nodePkg = pkgs.nodejs-14_x;
yarnPkg = pkgs.yarn.override { nodejs = nodePkg; };
nodeBcrypt = (builtins.fetchTarball "");
in mkYarnPackage rec {
name = "miracle-tv";
inherit version src nodePkg yarnPkg;
doDist = false;
packageJSON = "${src}/package.json";
yarnLock = "${src}/yarn.lock";
configurePhase = ''
runHook preConfigure
# Re-create node_modules and place native dependencies there
rm -rf ./node_modules
# bcrypt
mkdir -p ./node_modules/bcrypt/lib/binding/napi-v3
cp ${nodeBcrypt}/bcrypt_lib.node ./node_modules/bcrypt/lib/binding/napi-v3/bcrypt_lib.node
# Copy node modules for the buildPhase
cp -R $node_modules/* ./node_modules
cp -R $node_modules/.bin ./node_modules
runHook preConfigure
buildPhase = ''
runHook preBuild
# Build server and client
yarn --offline build:server
yarn --offline build:client
runHook postBuild
installPhase = ''
runHook preInstall
# Create output dirs
mkdir -p $out/bin
mkdir -p $out/dist/server/graphql
mkdir -p $out/dist/server/lib/binding/napi-v3
# Copy files needed for the suite to run
cp package.json $out/package.json
cp next.config.js $out/next.config.js
cp tsconfig.json $out/tsconfig.json
cp next.config.js $out/next.config.js
# Copy server dist
cp -r ./dist/server/* $out/dist/server
cp -r ./src/server/graphql/schema/* $out/dist/server/graphql
# Wrap yarn to run server as `miracle-server`
makeWrapper $yarnPkg/bin/yarn $out/bin/miracle-server \
--add-flags "--cwd $out" \
--add-flags "run:server" \
--set NODE_ENV production
# Copy client dist
mkdir -p $out/dist/client
cp -R ./dist/client/* $out/dist/client
# Wrap yarn to run client as `miracle-client`
makeWrapper $yarnPkg/bin/yarn $out/bin/miracle-client \
--add-flags "--cwd $out" \
--add-flags "run:client" \
--set NODE_PATH "$node_modules" \
--set PATH "$PATH:$node_modules/.bin" \
--set NODE_ENV production
runHook preInstall
distPhase = ''
nativeBuildInputs = with pkgs; [
nodePkg yarnPkg makeWrapper
automake autoconf m4 git bash
libpng libGL gcc yarn2nix