Free and Open-source video streaming suite.
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MiracleTV is currently not production ready. Missing a huge chunk of vital and critical components, it has a long way to go before achieving stated intentions. Below is a very guesstimated list of features needed to be implemented before MiracleTV is considered an RC for production use.


(In no particular order of importance aside from “implemented are grouped first”)


  • Basic API skeleton with rudimentary auth
  • Streamkey issuing mechanism
  • Rudimentary roles
  • Stream autorization via callback endpoints (for Nginx RTMP & OSSRS)
  • ACL system that isn't hardcoded roles
  • Moderation support
  • More robust and secure authentication system
  • Multiplexed live chat
  • VOD auto-capture and record support
  • Static page renderer that uses JS only to load video & chat.


  • Functioning frontend
  • Functioning videoplayer with DASH-supported RTMP / hls playback
  • Chat client implementation
  • Separated video & chat clients for use in static-page renderer


  • Setup scripts for non-nix users to generate necessary configs and provide clear and understandable setup instructions
  • Generate nginx RTMP or OSSSRS config files automatically with nix
  • Package NginxRTMP & OSSRS at least as nix packages to alleviate the need to patch / compile your own
  • Generate docker images from nix package for ease of deployment in non-nix environments