26 Commits (2ec0c82598d378a8bb38c6b796f21f95e7fac458)

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  Dale 2ec0c82598 feat: Migrate on launch 5 months ago
  Dale ddfcb83f87 fix: Use better type for mkOption 5 months ago
  Dale 39cea991b5 misc: additions to .gitignore 5 months ago
  Dale 9c8aa1aa68 feat: Working nixos module 5 months ago
  Dale 48f9d5aa30 feat: Better nix build, experimental module 5 months ago
  Dale 1eeda1bc16 feat: Fix working version for derivation. 5 months ago
  Dale 79293bf120 feat: Working nix build 5 months ago
  Dale 67a47694fd Better build 5 months ago
  Dale ce1b348493 Better build 5 months ago
  Dale 02db6295bb nix? 5 months ago
  Dale 9baa17c23c feat: nix? 5 months ago
  Dale ec36ef4f4f feat: Tests for basic activity 5 months ago
  Dale e2213da0c0 feat: Move types into shared package 5 months ago
  Dale a1174d5c3f feat: Add activityRaw access to model 5 months ago
  Dale 26e8c0e0ca feat: Gravatar hashes 1 year ago
  Dale 7306d143f4 feat: Stream Keys, Channels, Activities 1 year ago
  Dale 7a60642aa3 feat: channels 1 year ago
  Dale 81c105a0e8 fix: fix user duplication check 1 year ago
  Dale 0c90e4b819 feat: better routing 1 year ago
  Dale 92f763f772 feat: Sessions, access control 1 year ago
  Dale 21e1aec50f feat: Complete users, new table, better scripts 1 year ago
  Dale 8797fe950d feat: Database, users stump 1 year ago
  Dale acfad7611d feat: Validation Messages 1 year ago
  Dale c97db3e72d feat: Readme 1 year ago
  Dale 1c29419b73 feat: Messing around 1 year ago
  Dale a55f95c3a9 feat: Initial commit 1 year ago