29 Commits (develop)

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Dale b676b3af13
feat: Channel description in markdown 1 week ago
Dale 5b8d532097
fix: Add HLSJS to project 2 weeks ago
Dale b9727d7c2d
feat: New player + OME integration 2 weeks ago
Dale 2f2497ae77
feat: Admin dashboard 3 weeks ago
Dale 9055fe7fc5
feat: Add licenses.txt 3 weeks ago
Dale b6c8ee2bd5
misc: Change license value to SPDX-compatible one 3 weeks ago
Dale be4224dfd3
feat: Working chat, profile improvements, page title 1 month ago
Dale db521570c9
feat: Working stream player. 1 month ago
Dale 7ba1d63a72 feat: channel page 1 month ago
Dale 7df3f2a01a
feat: Sessions, Global stream keys, single user mode 1 month ago
Dale e1015cfc0f
feat: Add management command support 1 month ago
Dale 8aa854e3bf
feat: Async activities select 2 months ago
Dale 728460c777
feat: Add dashboard page with navigation, add Navbar 2 months ago
auctumnus 93cce95fb8
style: lint staged files 5 months ago
Dale 4e659e8f02
fix: Update dependencies 5 months ago
Dale d9b60d2318
fix: Update apollo, regenerate package.json 5 months ago
Dale 891d624270
feat: User profile settings (again) 5 months ago
Dale 5ecbab71f6
feat: Add @auth directive to graphql 5 months ago
auctumnus 815cb1df27
refactor: use `chalk` for colored logs 5 months ago
auctumnus 91c03f290b
feat: hash passwords 5 months ago
Dale 3c4883dca7
feat: Updated lockfile 6 months ago
Dale 3b8f760fca
feat: Fixed build 6 months ago
Dale ddb846fde8
feat: Profile page, misc fixes 6 months ago
Dale c382eabd3f
feat: File upload, front 7 months ago
Dale 4693f197bb
feat: Better build 7 months ago
Dale 848b5f0438
feat: Replace old build process with ncc 7 months ago
Dale f343cf9c77
feat: Ready for deployment via nix 8 months ago
Dale 6be6f073c9
feat: Working nix build 8 months ago
Dale eed718f36a
major: GraphQL Rewrite 8 months ago