36 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dale 39e367d557
misc: Design touches 2 months ago
Dale d9b60d2318
fix: Update apollo, regenerate package.json 2 months ago
Dale 891d624270
feat: User profile settings (again) 2 months ago
Dale aafea37211
misc: Use chalk + add role write right to users and admins 2 months ago
Dale 5ecbab71f6
feat: Add @auth directive to graphql 2 months ago
Dale 5783de9ed3 misc: Run prettier over project 2 months ago
Dale 2734f06c49 misc: Remove testing string from info resolver 2 months ago
Dale c49d2cfcd4 feat: Rename all Model methods to return associated Db types and not grahql types. 2 months ago
auctumnus 273f0b7081
feat: check stream key 2 months ago
Dale d2534b47a2
feat: Provide API_URL to client daemon at runtime 2 months ago
Dale b35457a13f
feat: Big Merge + Client 2 months ago
autumn 78b5b0a073
feat: docker 2 months ago
autumn 74f1ac74fa
refactor: properly check for user roles 2 months ago
auctumnus cbc8c830b1
fix: check that user has roles 2 months ago
auctumnus 4b2716a6fb
feat: log internal server errors to console 2 months ago
auctumnus 815cb1df27
refactor: use `chalk` for colored logs 2 months ago
auctumnus 91c03f290b
feat: hash passwords 2 months ago
auctumnus 450382c4e4
fix: Enable graphql playground 2 months ago
auctumnus f851a2224e
fix: Use config db when generating roles 2 months ago
Dale 3c4883dca7
feat: Updated lockfile 3 months ago
Dale 3b8f760fca
feat: Fixed build 3 months ago
Dale ddb846fde8
feat: Profile page, misc fixes 3 months ago
Dale bbdc27c7ef
feat: Add UserInfo to showcases 3 months ago
Dale 28b80aa720
fix: Add correct user info to home page 3 months ago
Dale 1f128b8e04
feat: User form refactor + Working user form, image uploader, user info 3 months ago
Dale 63d1269f8e
fix: Better layout in settings 3 months ago
Dale c382eabd3f
feat: File upload, front 3 months ago
Dale 4693f197bb
feat: Better build 3 months ago
Dale 5ffe8e9f42
feat: Better role resolution in stream keys 5 months ago
Dale e679b8078f
feat: StreamKey revocation 5 months ago
Dale 2742481b7f
feat: Stream keys 5 months ago
Dale f343cf9c77
feat: Ready for deployment via nix 5 months ago
Dale e064f9016f
feat: Add channel list to user query 5 months ago
Dale 7fc862baea
feat: Primitive ACL 5 months ago
Dale 6be6f073c9
feat: Working nix build 5 months ago
Dale eed718f36a
major: GraphQL Rewrite 5 months ago